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Hatta Dam: A Guided Tour Experience

Join us for a guided tour of Hatta Dam and go on an incredible journey. Discover Hatta’s best-kept secrets with the assistance of our professional guides while taking in the alluring landscape and rich cultural heritage of the region. Discover the site’s amazing grandeur, meander through charming lanes encircled by towering mountains, and see historic sites that hold tales of bygone eras. Anyone who enjoys discovering and taking in Hatta’s authentic essence is strongly encouraged to do the Hatta Dam Tour. Around every corner is a new and exciting world full with culture, adventure, and stunning landscape. Join us on this incredible journey and create enduring memories in one of nature’s most seductive settings.

The Interesting Tour of the Hatta Mountains:

Embark on an uplifting journey through stunning alpine scenery with our “Exciting Hatta Mountain Tour”. Following winding roads that lead to hidden gems, you can discover the region’s rich cultural diversity and stunning landscapes with the help of our expert guides. Discover the unique wildlife, vibrant flora, and fascinating history that make the Hatta Hills a destination not to be missed. Whether your interests are in history, outdoors, or just living your life, this tour has it all and will leave you with great memories of the magnificent Hatta Mountains. Join us for an incredible mountain experience that combines education, fun and stunning scenery.

How to Have the Best Dubai Hatta Dam Tour Experience:

  1. Make Your Package Reservation
    We give unique package options to suit every adventure seeker’s budget. Just select the one that best meets your needs. Please stay home and secure your position for our next-day excursion from Dubai to Hatta.
  2. Prepare to be picked up.
    We pick up our tour clients every morning between 9:00 and 9:30 AM to begin our excursion. It would help if you arrived for the pick-up a few minutes early to ensure you don’t miss your transportation.
  3. Report of Drop-Off
    Hatta Dam Tour sightseeing tours from Dubai typically last six hours, and we begin boarding for the return trip between 2:30 and 3:00 PM. If you choose to stray from our guided tour options, you are responsible for finding your way back to the drop-off location in time for departure.

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Tour Packages for Hatta

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99 AED each individual

  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service
  • Tour of Sights
Untitled design 3 Desert Safari Dubai

175 AED per individual

  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service
  • Tour of Sights
  • Canoeing at the Dam
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320 AED for each individual

  • Service for Pick-Up and Drop-Off By 4×4 Vehicle
  • City Tour and Lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Cycling, hiking, or climbing
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Top 7 Things to Do and See While on a Hatta Mountain Tour:

1. Hatta Dam Excursion:
Discover the fascinating Hatta Dam, which is encircled by untamed mountains. Take part in water sports like kayaking or just take in the gorgeous scenery of the turquoise reservoir.

2. Heritage Village Visit:
Take a trip to the Heritage Village and get lost in Hatta’s rich past. Discover the area’s interesting legacy through traditional architecture, antiquities, and cultural exhibitions.

3. Hiking Trails Adventure:
Explore the several hiking paths that weave around the Hatta Mountains. Every trail provides breathtaking views and an opportunity to get in touch with nature, ranging from easy to difficult courses.

4. Hatta Wadi Hub:
At Hatta Wadi Hub, engage in heart-pounding sports like mountain biking and zip-lining. This place is ideal for thrill-seekers who want to give their mountain excursion a little adventure

5. Hatta Hill Park Exploration:
Hatta Hill Park is a quiet place with lots of greenery and manicured gardens where you can relax outside. Take a leisurely walk, have a family picnic or relax in this peaceful setting.

6. Hatta Kayak Adventure:
Visit Hatta Kayak to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains as you paddle through the calm waters of Hatta Dam. Thanks to this rare encounter, you will gain a new perspective on the area’s natural beauty.

7. Hatta Mountain Safari:

Select an exhilarating mountain safari to find unexplored regions and off-road paths. Panoramic vistas and the chance to spot native wildlife as it makes its way across the challenging terrain are provided by a guided safari.

Indulge in these seven must-do activities with a Hatta Mountain Tour to create memories that blend adventure, culture, and the stunning beauty of this appealing area.


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