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Tour of Musandam, Oman

A super exciting and fun collection is there, placed within this era. These super natural terms of the tours are only about 160 kilometers away from Dubai.super delightful place is far from your reach there. There is the presentation of the mountains within this. The mountains are the really exciting visitor sites. The pressure within the natural pattern there as well. The exciting options are, hence, playing the role of the charming nature of the show here.   This one site is being established within the currently separate present outline. Afterwards, the formatted plans are carried there. That’s why all the crowded sites are found there. The optional dealings are what are increasing the number of Oman efforts.This one site is putting these super excitingly discovered in this location to the test.The morning likes are really excited about this tour. This one can be named the “desert safari resulted acts.” This will be the best time for the sea watching that you are going to spend here. 

Highlights of the Musandam Times

Make the most accurate time routines while you’re there.The new best times are showing the true effects within the time frame. The tours are specifically filled out there. The Musandam tours are the greatest fun routines throughout the time frame. The tour itself will be the best available routine here. It’s over view will entice you with its larger surroundings here. The vast highlights are carrying on the vast optional status of this era. The portion other than the basic highlighted areas is collectedness to be placed here. 
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Package starting prices

The tour is really the best of all your wonderful times here. The Oman tour is progressively found to be happening there all the time. The package is great. One time here, that is going to start up with the best online spending routine within this. This one package is here for you to give the best deals as well. The desert safari is a great source of the fun that will be going on there. The whole sensation package begins with just 250 AED here. Furthermore, you can easily consult the pricing list here. That’s why you can easily select our premium packages as well. This is all going to be inexpensive for you.

booking process: 

The simpler the growth within the natural routines, the more placed here. The Oman tour is the truest way here. The booking is so simple there that you can easily attain the services here. The booking options are really different from the normal ones. You just need to choose the simpler booking option through your choose up option. Then just simply pay the dues here, either via bank account or from other sources. The totally online, easy access will increase the charm of this place. Just consult after these simpler bookings and then attain the easier option here. 

Pick and drop service. 

The main vision’s are truly service abundant within this status option. “Nature isn’t the only thing that deserves to be admired here. The Musandam services are the festering options here. We are facilitating your pick-and-drop ease through the journey here. The Oman consultation therefore begins with the servings of this super fun limited session here. The facilities here will give you a full day of relaxation here on the ground. The Oman natural point will be announced to improve the refining quality here. 


There will be greater routines for the activities on a great note here. The safari plans are making optional selections here. The additional activities are announcing that we will have a fabulous fun point here. The options for snorkeling will be here for you. This includes the nature of fishing, sightseeing, and turning on to the best on-the-spot excitement. The refreshing points of the best dinners and the natural attractiveness other than the normal daily routines are set here. 


The natural landscaping to enhance the beauty of the greater fun there.The Oman Musandam is a blessing location in this area.Here you can find the best deals on refreshments.The Musandam offers all the refreshing elements here. The natural out times are there all the time. When you walk in, we’ll be waiting to serve you fruits, drinks, juices, and other snacks. The fruit and the natural routines are therefore impressive there. Attractive natural beauty is full on with the super collective natural ways here. 

Open Sea Sale Cruise

The open way there will be the nature of the attractive points here. As a result, the Oman locations are providing the natural out routines of the best cruising there. The world’s outrages are in full swing, with the most impressive results all around. The Musandam options are really the cruising instances here. The sea cruise is the real fun point here. The deep inside cruise within the Musandam will be waiting for you afterwards.The Musandam options are here for at least 1 hour here. 

The presence of equipments

The few series of equipment present here are also present in this.The live jackets are therefore for you here. The fishing lines for one of the fishing catches will be here for you. The equipment is the funding here as well. The equipment is the greater fun factor within this period here. The true admiration of the grateful events that made the fun here. The snorkelling events are also well celebrated here all the time. The equipment contributes to the natural attractiveness of the environment here.

Musical entertainment

The whole journey is well defined here among the options here. After that, there will be music entertainment. The Omani chosen sections are the incredible entertainment point here. The additional new mark ups of the musical advanced acts is here for you. The featuring options are here after the complete point of attraction here. The normal time lines are the support system here. The musical options are at the right time for the natural, sensational beginning here. First, Urdu, English, and other languages are presented here first. The playing applicability of the music is Herby, given the natural routines here. The musical gatherings are the truest collection of nature here. 

Lunch options

The lunch facilities are the greater deal here. Lunch is therefore a feature there. The true lunch collection is free to use here. As a result, the deals here are leaning toward entertainment. The lunch options are numerous within the means of the buffet deals here. The food is within the modes of the vegetarian dishes here. The Musandam Lunch Deals are the greatest among the deals here in the non-vegetarian dishes. The optional facilities are really a greater passion here than anywhere else. The step ups are optionally found within the lunch selectives by the Musendam.The musical options are at the right time for the natural, sensational beginning here. First, Urdu, English, and other languages are presented here first. The playing applicability of the music is Herby, given the natural routines here. The musical gatherings are the truest collection of nature here.

Dolphin encounter

The optional interactions of the dolphins are truly newer than the numbers prescribed. The natural surroundings are inviting and super fun here. Seasonally, the dolphins will be there after you. The encounters with these dolphins are the greater fun spot here. Natural fillings for fun acts within the sea are having a strong impact on this. The natural attraction to this finest location is making the strongest impression here. The dolphins are the main photographic subject. If you find this one here. These variations are therefore fun producing and inspiring within this.

Swimming and snorkeling

There is the most integral part of the super fun here. Natural surroundings that are found there The photographic experiences will be the high points here. The expressive ideas are totally fun there all around the pathway. The bars are the most expressive within the time here. The versions are truly interesting over time. The best of all the make-up options are fascinating within the best routines here. The Musandam is the truly inspiring adventure here. The true pictures for the collective amount of the attaining moments.

Photographic version:

There is a free-fun factor within the Musandam point here. The swimming steps are a lot of fun, and they cover the entire surface here. The snorkelling versions are the enjoying part here. There’s the greater operation for all of the people here on the ground. The musandam is part of the true charm here. That’s why the swimming optional types are completely fun here. The sea may involve sharks and other species within the plan. As a result, the deals go off here. The snorkelling and the swimming steps are the best that’s really suitable here. This option is fun insisting here.

Photographic version:

The Musandam is the really fun point in the whole atmosphere here. The procedures are surely impressive here. The payment options are here for the lovers of natural facts. The payments are either presentable in the nature of the bank accounts or else by using some other medium here. The cancellation of the deal is simply attained here too. There we are providing to be a 25% discount if you make cancellation within your seat here. The exciting journey will be at its peak here.The cancellation will automatically deduct a few percentage points here. 

Musandam Tour Deals

Musandam Tour Deals


Musandam Tour Includes:

Musandam Oman Tour Includes Pick & Drop, Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, Banana Boat Ride, Cave Tour , Musandam oman Beach Walk, & Speed Boat.

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Musandam Oman Tour Includes:

Musandam Oman Tour Includes:

All packages include free pick and drop service.


Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, Banana Boat Ride, Cave Tour & Sightseeing, Musandam Oman Beach

Open Sea Sale Cruise

1 Hours Sea Cruise In Deep Waters Of Musandam Oman Sea


International buffet lunch with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. (Veg & Non Veg).


Fruits, Soft drinks, Water, Tea and Coffee.

Activities Equipment Includes

Snorkeling equipment, Life- Jackets & one- line fishing equipment are provided on- board

Music Entertainment (English & Arabic) Dolphins Encounter*

Dolphins may be spotted in Musandam peninsula, seasonally.

Separate Toilet For Men & Women

Musandam Oman Tour Schedule 2022

Tour DurationPickup Time Drop Off Timelocation
Full Day07:00 AM
08:00 AM
05:30 PM
06:00 PM
Spinneys Burjuman